SSR, SPAs and PWAs

This talk has all the acronyms! It offers a deep dive into Server Side Rendering (SSR) in times of SPAs and PWAs. Instead of just focussing on the fact that SSR allows to deliver pre-rendered snapshots of client side JS apps and thus improves perceived startup performance, we’ll look at advanced patterns that SSR and server side pre-booting of JS apps enables.

First, we will look into incremental loading states for pre-rendered apps and how to disabled or enable UI elements only when the app is ready on the client side. Following that, I’ll cover advanced performance patterns like pushing application data along with the pre-rendered app, inlining images in the pre-rendered response vs. using `` tags in the client side app, etc.. Lastly, we will have a look at how SSR fits in with PWAs, service workers and the app shell model.